Support font tag and multiple simultaneous subtitles in SRT files

This is related to Please support <font color> tag of .srt subtitles, but a more general request.

I noticed that the font tag seems to be unsupported at all in Infuse, which includes things like color, size, and font face. It would be nice if all of those were able to be supported, with font tag able to use a font from a MKV file if the subtitle comes within an MKV.

Additionally, I noticed that if multiple simultaneous subtitles are specified to be displayed at the same time, only the last one listed in the file for any given time is actually displayed.

I created a test video for this, which exercises various aspects of the SRT subtitle format, including the aspects I’m talking about here. The video is available at Dropbox - SRT_Subtitle_Exercise.mkv - Simplify your life

This video can be compared with something like VLC to see how Infuse handles it differently. The VLC behavior is more what I’d expect, and what I’m hoping to see included in a future release.



For convenience (since I couldn’t include this in my original post due to being a new user and only being able to include two links), the subtitle file I created which is embedded in the MKV there is available at Dropbox - - Simplify your life