Support Fetch Metadata for iTunes TV show file names

Hi, I was hoping you could add support for fetching metadata on files that have been organized via iTunes.
Right now iTunes manages my library and the naming is as follows. Show Name/Season/01 episode 1.ext and so on.
Infuse will not fetch any meta data for any show I have tried with this default structure.
I was very much hoping this could be added into a future version? Because if I use local metadata, the shows end up in “other” and it also does not look very good.
If infuse is using TVDB to get the data, I think this should be a supported naming format but I could be wrong.
I use iFlicks and put these same files and it was able to pull the new data from TVDB or wherever it gets it and was able to tag them with new data.
I’m surprised this has not been added yet as I think this is a big drawback of how the app manages TV libraries.
For movies it works flawless getting the data, but for the thousands of shows I have run through it, it was not able to pull any metadata due to the file naming.
I also looked at metadata 101 and I see that it does take into account show & season folders, just not the filenames without “S01E01”, can it not use the show & season folders and use track numbers for episode numbers? I was very excited when version 6 was released but very disappointed this is still an issue. I tried using this app for ATV a while back but had to go back to Plex because of the way infuse does not recognize any iTunes named shows. Thanks very much for the help, I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

This will be available in the upcoming 6.0.7 update. :slight_smile:

We’ve added support for two new naming styles.

Style 1

TV Shows / How I Met Your Mother / Season 1 

1-01 NameOfEpisode1.mp4 
1-02 NameOfEpisode2.mp4 
1-03 NameOfEpisode3.mp4

Style 2

TV Shows / How I Met Your Mother / Season 1 

01 NameOfEpisode1.mp4 
02 NameOfEpisode2.mp4 
03 NameOfEpisode3.mp4
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Wow! Thanks for adding support for this! I really hope this solves the issue above and I can start using Infuse exclusively.
I will keep an eye out for new version and thanks so much again for taking the time to try and resolve my issue. I really appreciate it!

6.0.7 has been submitted to Apple and will be available soon. :slight_smile:

Any chance it could be expanded to support something like this, accepting the prefix of “Episode xx”? My structure is similar but slightly different.

TV Shows / How I Met Your Mother / Season 1

Episode 01 - NameOfEpisode1.mp4
Episode 02 - NameOfEpisode2.mp4
Episode 03 - NameOfEpisode3.mp4

Having said that, this is a big improvement! Much appreciated.

Will take a look…

Terrific, this would be the last issue I have. Got my movies all good just TV shows remains.

So after spending an absolute age formatting my tv shows from iTunes style to infuse and it not working at all with some UK tv shows, you pull this out the bag! I could scream!!

Infuse 6.1 now supports an additional naming style.

Show/Season/Episode XX - NameOfEpisode.mp4

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Yessssss! Thanks so much.

If all of the information is in the metadata of the file, can you just use that rather than requiring the user to folder organize or create xml files or rename files etc?

Subler adds metadata containing the type of media (movie, tv, home video, etc) as well as the season number, episode number, show name, etc.

Can you just read that metadata?

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