Support Dolby Vision Profile 8

On 12/20/2021, the version of infuse 7.3.1 promised support for Dolby Vision Profile 8. Will it be ?

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Maybe, we’ll have to wait for it to be released. :wink:

Of course, we will wait for the release of 7.3.1. And I really want to believe that DV Profile 8 will still be, and not just videos shot on the iphone :slight_smile:

It could be profile 8 in steps, so we’ll just have to see what comes. No need to get to stressed about it, we know it’s on the devs radar.

Good.We’re waiting.

that’s exactly what I wanted to ask, it’s time you open it for all formats … Dolby Vision must work completely, please, a statement from the official site, bitstream must also be completely open

It’s not up to Infuse but up to Apple. No Apple devices support everything.

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then it will be time for apple to do that …
should profile 8 come now, how is it then you can watch blurays in mkv format then in dolby vision or is that something else again …

Apple TV will default to HDR instead of DV if you play those files which are profile 7, not 5 or 8.

With the 7th profile, everything is clear. But with 8 no. The profile that will be in 7.3.1, will it play all movies with an 8 profile or will it have restrictions?

Maybe. Maybe not. Wait for the release. :rofl:

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Pretty sure everyone here is trying to play profile 8.1, Apple TV only supports 5 and 8.4. Profile 8.4 is the new profile used by the new iphone.

Anyone expecting an updated infuse to suddenly play 8.1 is going to be disappointed?

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Ironically, tvOS’s aerial screensavers are profile 8.1 in all but name with an HDR10 base layer.

As I understand it, Apple does not specifically introduce support for bitstream and other Dolby Vision profiles.
So that none of the competitors (for example, Netflix, Disney, etc.) could implement something other than EA-C3 and DV profile 5 in their services. So that from the side of the quality of streaming content, suddenly no one turned out better than Apple. I don’t see any other explanations why Apple hasn’t added all DV and bitstream profiles yet.

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Does Apple need to pay a device licensing fee for decoder/profile support?

You don’t need to pay anything for bitstream. It’s just the player’s ability to transmit sound in its original, uncompressed form.

And Apple has already paid for Dolby Vision support and licensed Apple TV 4K.

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The current 7.3.10 version supports as much Dolby Vision as (currently) possible. A list of the supported types (with fallback order) can be found here in this post.

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