Support audio output selection (like AirPlay) in the slide down menu

I know this is a suggestion/feature request, but it’s specific for tvOS. While watching Netflix for example, if I slide down for info, subtitles or audio I get to choose language, sound options and speaker options, which includes the regular Apple TV output (TV), and any available AirPlay devices. In Infuse there are different options of course, but would be great to have a similar functionality. Right now in order to activate AirPlay I need to go to settings, video & audio, and select the proper output. Plus this option usually doesn’t stick :frowning:

Hope it makes sense

Unfortunately Apple doesn’t provide an API for this at this time, but on tvOS 11 you can get quick access to this list from the home screen.

Just hold play/pause while on the Apple TV home screen to access the speaker selection list. :wink:

Is this still the case??
Because Netflix, ABC News, Crackle, and the ESPN app all have this in the top drop-down menu in exactly the same place.
Does Apple selectively allow access to this API or is there something I’m missing here?
I’d love to have this functionality - its SUPER awkward to leave the video you are watching to go to the ATV home screen.
I’m sure anyone who uses other streaming service apps on ATV has an expectation for it to be in the same place, as I do.
Could you check and see if the API is now available…?

This was added in Infuse 5.9. :slight_smile:

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