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In TVOS17 Apple made enhance dialog available if you have paired HomePods connected as tv speakers. I have the latest gen 4K ATV updated to 17.1 and a couple of HomePod minis connected as speakers to the Apple TV. Speaker OS is 17.1.1.

I cant seem to choose enhance dialog in the audio settings on the video I am playing. Doesnt the Infuse player support enable/disable enhance dialog on the video you are playing?


Did you look in the Apple TV Settings menu under the Video and Audio heading?

Yes, I can activate it in Apple TV general audio settings, but that means its activated everywhere and I am not interested in that. I want to be able to do it in the video I am playing, not every video I am playing. According to Apple, that should be possible.

Doesnt Infuse use Apples default video player?

No it doesn’t. It runs it’s own player. That’s what brings so many benefits over the apple default player.

I moved this to the suggestions forum. :wink:

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Is the Enhance Dialog option working with INFUSE when it’s enabled in ATV settings?

@james is this working with the current player?

@james trying again - is this feature supported when using HomePods?

I‘m also interested in this feature.

This should be available in Infuse when using HomePods.

Currently, there is not a way to enable/disable this from within in Infuse, but the setting can be adjusted in Apple TV > Settings > Video and Audio.

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