Support Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon offers unlimeted Storage for 70€ per year.

They have a very good bandwith and it’s the best offer at the moment for Cloud Storage.

Please support Amazon Cloud Drive for Cloud Playback in Infuse Pro.

I use Infuse since a long time and it’s the best IOs Player.

YES! Please, add support to Amazon Cloud Drive if possible, it’s one of the most used cloud services nowadays, so it would be a fantastic addition.

Add me to the list. Unlimited storage and Infuse would be perfect together.

Adding my vote for this request. Adding Amazon Cloud Storage would make moving to inFuse a no brainer for me.

Ditto - just adding my vote for this too!

Adding my vote for this request

I would love this option added. With unlimited storage this would be a no brainer for Infuse users once implemented!

Add me in as well. Amazon cloud drive in app access would be a real reason to upgrade to 5 :slight_smile:

I’ll switch from nPlayer once Amazon cloud drive has been added!

Is infuse staff providing feedback usually here?

Me too!

Please add support for Amazon Cloud Drive. That would make this the best killer app ever. Its already the best player for iOS, just add ACD support and you would make me very very happy.

In fact as it was mentioned here earlier nplayer is supporting it already so it is definitively feasible :slight_smile:
I just bought the Infuse 5 subscription after having been already an Infuse 1 2 and 3 Pro user, ACD support is definitively the only real missing feature at this stage for me :slight_smile:

This would be amazing! Can I vote twice :slight_smile:

This is an excellent suggestion which I’m sure/hoping that the development team are looking to implement. I’d no idea Amazon offered unlimited cloud storage. It’ll certainly take ages to upload everything I have but the benefits of then being able to stream all outweigh that inconvenience. How amazing it’d be to have infuse powering the interface. I know Plex are currently doing beta trials of just this however, it’s not about first to the post. It’s about the best, which I’m sure infuse will continue to be.

Crapbags, I’ve just seen this:
“Videos less than 20 minutes in length and smaller than 2 GB in size can be streamed through the Amazon Drive website and mobile applications. Amazon Drive streaming is not available for videos longer than 20 minutes or larger than 2 GB, but these can be stored in Amazon Drive for you to download and watch offline.”

So is this the same with other cloud storage options? How are others doing it?

Disregard the Amazon warning of only streaming 20 minutes of video and video less than 2gb in size. I have videos ranging from 2gb - 20gb in size. Most 2 hours or more in length. A current competing app NPlayer has Amazon Cloud Drive Support. I have played multiple movies streamed from amazon to my ipad using this app with no issues. So if they could figure out how to do it, I think the Infuse team can as well!


I would kill for this feature. Uh, let me rephrase that, I would PAY for this feature!

Add my vot for this too. It’s the feature I’m waiting in order to use infuse, since all my videos are in Amazon Clous Drive. Using NPlayer now, but hoping infuse add support as soon as possible.

I’ve been uploading for however many weeks now and I’m beginning to see the end in sight. I so cannot wait for this to happen. I believe it is definitely on the cards but that they’re waiting for the api from Amazon and there’s quite a queue.