Super TV for XBMC

New plugin for XBMC that I noticed and this one rocks, Super TV. It has live streams from U.S. as wells as other countries. It also includes a programming guide so you can see whats up next. here’s the link to their homepage

can you tell us more experiences with it?


It is pretty much like the liveTV add on or LiveStreams (by Divingmule), but with a little twist. The twist is a programming guide so you can see whats on and whats going to be on. So basically you have live streaming television, cable television channels, with a TV Guide all wrapped into one on your tv. The only bad thing is that if you are using this add on with ATV2 there is a glitch that makes it almost impossible to exit out of the addon. To the point of having to press and hold the menu and play buttons for 6 seconds to reboot your ATV2. I was just over at the XBMC forums though and a new version has been released that is supppose to solve this issue. If so this addon will be pretty good. There is another slight problem off sometimes the channel not being the channel it says it is…It will be streaming a different channel that is listed. but this is rare. I’m going to go hook up with the newest version of the addon and see what happens…oh they neeed to stick this in a repp so it will auto update…----Christopher Wells

Just installed the updated version from there homepage and you can now exit out of the app, no more being trapped or having to do a MENU LEFT reset. You can see my post here   where I explain how to exit  the app. So is the addon worth it. I would have to say yes because the good outweighs the bad by enough margin that your brain isn’t totally fried in the first hour. Well put together and the developer has been keeping up with the fixes and updates. The only problem that is annoying, but only happens occasionally so far, the guide will say one program and then when you enter the channel its not even close it will be a different broadcasting station altogether. Like now NCIS is suppose to be on USA Network but insstead I got the Late Night Show with Dave Lettermen. All in all it’s good stuff and more importantly still better than paying Comcast $90/month for there crappy service!


Assuming that the stream sources are international in nature. And there will of course be buffering issues. Will have to test and compare to



Brilliant plug-in!  room for some enhancements, however it is very good - i suggest if you haven’t got it to take a look you will not be disappointed!

Sorry motley but how do you update super tv to .5. on apple tv 1? I’m on 1.1 from the zip.


  think it is 1.105


1)  SUPER is designed for europe TV streams in particular italy. but works in USA sometimes

  1. after install it is listed as a PROGRAM.

3)  It is still rather buggy as reported by a few users in discussions.  can just lock up XBMC completely.

4)  The libRTMP file that I tried had a virus in it.  supposedly this file will help SUPER work better, but not with a virus.

It does work to play TV channels.  so will do something, but expect unstable and not able to escape out.



It is 1.105 and I just updated my atv 2 to 1.105 but haven’t had the chance to update my atv 1 one yet. But my guess is you would do it the same with both but ya never know until you actually do it. Computers have their own personality sometimes. What I did on my atv 2 with xbmc eden RC2 version was first download the updated version from there site I then uninstalled the previous version of Super Tv from  XBMC. Then SSH’d into my atv 2 with Cyberduck(because it works with my MacPro). Windows users might wanna try WINScP which is very good but no mac version. I’m assuming you installed previous version via SSH so you know how to do that. Installed the new version in XBMC by using install from zip method located in the System–Addons–Install from zip menu and Voila it works like a charm. I really like this now it has been updated. 

Thanks for getting back to me. Yes I’m on a Mac using syberduck.
When I download the new file it’s not a zip it’s another format? How do I get the new zip file?

Safari > Preferences > General > Uncheck—Open safe files after downloading.


Or download the Firefox browser and use it to download

I can’t understand why it was checked, in the past I had no problems. Thank you so much for your help. 


Does anyone have a way to correct the buffering settings for SUPERTV?  When I start up SUPERTV and select my region, it takes about ten minutes to pre buffer (and find) all the available channels.  Would think this would be something that is locked and saved in the background, so that startup would work faster. Oh and found I need a fast stream download spead to watch.  but is mostly functional.

[code]rtmpdump/HTTP-PROXY: OK

rtmpdump/librtmp.dll: OK

rtmpdump/LICENSE: OK

rtmpdump/README: OK

rtmpdump/rtmpdump.exe: OK

rtmpdump/rtmpgw.exe: OK

rtmpdump/rtmpsrv.exe: OK

rtmpdump/rtmpsuck.exe: OK


----------- SCAN SUMMARY -----------

Known viruses: 1186407

Engine version: 0.97.1

Scanned directories: 1

Scanned files: 8

Infected files: 0

Data scanned: 2.59 MB

Data read: 0.75 MB (ratio 3.48:1)

Time: 8.653 sec (0 m 8 s)[/code]


I’m just curious, but what kind of virus do you mean?

Besides, if you don’t watch Austrian, German or Swiss channels, you can skip the the update altogether.


It fetches the EPG for the rest of the day, and it shouldn’t take more than 1 minute (except for Russia, but that EPG is fetched once a week only) either.

tried again and now no virus detected.  suspect that I had a false alarm with my virus software.


But now after the update (fixed the LIB file) SUPERTV will not work.  I click on a channel and nothing happens. no buffering, nothing at all.


Hi All,

I’m running the latest XBMC Eden using Linux openSuSE 12.1 with the KDE desktop manager. I have Super TV in my XBMC Program files. When I launch it it asks me where I am - US - and then loads channels. I get a great interface with all the channel logos, but when I click a channel the screen briefly flashes, and nothing happens. Am I missing a path / plug-in /add-on or something else to launch the channel that I pick?

I have also experienced some of the issues mentioned above e.g. Super TV freezes / hangs or freezes XMBC.

I am so close… Any help?



Channels that dont work

Food Network
Spike tv

Am i not doing something right? Im running this on Atv2 v11 Eden.

Also i already updated the libRTMP

You’ve compiled your XBMC without RTMP support and need to recompile it.

Have supertv running again. Re installed XBMC latest version. Kept all my user apps (aka plugins) and now supertv works. Guess this is expected with XBMC being an experiment and in development constantly.