Summary of Dolby Vision Support status

Please provide an all in one summary for the state of DV support, break down by different profiles, platforms, etc.

For example, I should be able to read the summary and determine if the following is supported by Infuse, and on which platform.

4K UHD blu-ray HYBRID DV REMUX, added the WEB DV metadata, and converted to Dolby Vision Profile 8 Level 6

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Second this. I actually asked for this myself.

Infuse supports the following DoVi profiles.

  • All Profile 5 will play in DoVi
  • All Profile 7 will fall back to HDR
  • Most Profile 8 will play in Dovi (use Speedy’s script if you have files which are falling back to HDR)

Note: To ensure DoVi works as expected, it will require properly formed files and a device which supports DoVi.


This table is insanely detailed helpful

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How is it that chart neither mentions the 9th gen iPad nor any AppleTV?