Can we get more information on below suggestions please? Any considerations when and if these will be implemented?

  • No filters for libraries, only through settings (limited) and do not apply to lists on home screen.
  • No sorting/filter option for lists on home screen
  • Trakt scrobble is available, but not able to add Trakt lists to Home screen (trending, popular etc)
  • Missing trailers (another topic is already available, but nevertheless I want to highlight again)
  • No Plex extras available
  • Add to Watchlist not available.
  • TV Shows lists per rating missing, movies available
  • TV Shows lists per Year missing, movies available
  • Ratings for Movies/TV Shows missing

These features are currently missing on Apple TV 4k unless I am not aware of how to activate?


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Why is this topic moved from suggestions to Lounge section?

It contains many suggestions…

Many suggestions will get lost in the noise and not all items will be wanted by everyone. Best to separate them all out. If it is a new suggestion add a dedicated thread for it. If it is an existing suggestion, like :heart: the first post.

The “Add to watchlist” is available, if a bit clunky.

You have to add it via the Playlist and add it to the “Watching” playlist.

Thanks for this but I do not see a Watching playlist. Should I create one and if so, will it disappear automatically once watched?

Navigate to the film/tv episode you wish to add. Select “Playlists”.

This should bring up a page for selecting / creating the playlists to add the item to.

The top entry in the list which should always be present is the “Watching” list. Select this list so that it is ticked. The item will now be added to the watching list.

Thanks, I see only an option to create a Playlist. There is no Watchlist available or anything else, only to create one. I am on latest Apple OS and Infuse 7.2

Strange. I always get presented with a “Watching” list option when selecting what playlists an item is on.

I though maybe it depended on whether you had “Up next list” enabled in settings. But I tried turning that off and I am still presented with the option.

Also tried removing everything from my watching list in case you were only presented with that option is there was at least one item in the Watching list. But no I still get offered it in the playlist selection screen.

So I don’t know why you are not being offered the option.

Hi pal,

Really appreciate the support.

@james can you support please?

  1. Open video details
  2. Click Playlist button
  3. Select ‘Watching’

Yes sure, but I see only create new playlist. There is no Watchlist available in my set up…

Are you streaming from Plex, Emby, or Jellyfin?

If so, Infuse will sync the ‘Watching’ list with the Continue Watching lists from those servers…so a standalone Watching list won’t be available.

Thanks James,

I have stopped my subscription for Infuse and Plex is all the way now for me with their smart collections list and which can be added to the home screen.

Perhaps in the future I will sign up again when many key features are implemented such as trailers, watchlist, more control over lists and libraries.

Hope Infuse will listen more to their customers and especially to the topics which are waiting for several years. Design you would earn an award, functionality you will loose definitely from most big media players.

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