Suggestions PLEASE READ ;)

First thanks for all your hard work on this product! It’s great to use.

I have a couple of suggestions. Hopefully you’ll implement some of them in your next release :wink:

  1. When you use “list view” the icon for let’s say tv shows appears in front of every show in the list. It also appears in front of every season. I can’t seem to find a good reason for this. It only makes the list view seem messy. It’s fine to have it in front of the sections in library, but when you have chosen a section like tv shows the tv show icon should not be seen further into the list views. Same goes for movies and music.

  2. Add .nfo support like they have in xbmc

  3. Add support for local artwork like poster, fanart and…

  4. Add trailer support if you have trailer in same folder as movie

  5. Add support for local subtitles. What I mean is when you choose to search for subtitles it should also have an option to browse for it. I would guess that it’s not only me who have subtitles in a separet folder called “Subs” or “Subtitles” inside the movie folder beside the movie file, maybe it’s possible to add support for MP to automatically scan for “Subs” and “Subtitles” folders and use the subtitle files inside?

  6. Add favorites option for recently aired episodes and recently released movies

  7. Support for movie sets/collections

  8. This one relates to suggestion nr 4 as well. Option to choose subtitles and trailers in “play screen” with fanart and meta data.

  9. Support for DLNA and UPnP

  10. This one I’m not sure you’ll be able to do or even want to, but there is a plugin in xbmc with the name of “PseudoTv” that creates channels from your tv shows and movies and you get an EPG with channels where you can choose wich channel you want to watch and it creates a fake tv show and movie listing like watching cable tv. If you don’t know what you want to each this is great because you can just choose a channel and watch whatever’s on :slight_smile:

Hope you will consider at least some of the suggestions :slight_smile:

Thanks again for a great product!