Suggestions over other ATV solutions

So since I am an MrMC (beta tester) and recently Infuse user, I’ve done some testing and comparisons over the last few days. Although I like Infuse better in some key parts for example playback, I am missing some things too, especially customization ones. So here’s a list of what would be nice to see in Infuse.

1: HUE support. Hands down the best thing happened to my living room after my LG Oled.
2: Audio adjustment with 1ms steps for lipsync issues. Currently I am doing it on my AV receiver but this affects all my other devices connected to it like my PlayStation. It’s a must feature for Infuse to have in order not to affect other devices connected to receivers.
3: The option to have or not recently added movies and series on my home screen. We have the list with recently added files on top, which is used on tvOS’s homescreen as well, but if one wants a cleaner look one must have the option to remove the recently added rows on Infuses homescreen. Moreover if this clean look is achieved, if one has a custom artwork for his movies folder, it would be nice to have a blurred background with the same artwork when movies button is selected and not the Grey one, just like what you do with list view in movies.
4: Dark theme for oled TVs or a darker one. So freaking awesome and life saving for our poor but valuable oleds.
5: The ability to choose our own locally stored over LAN artwork for movies, collections, series. Although the library does indeed a good job now, some more customization is always needed.
6: The ability to customize the movies inside our collections. I want all my xmen, star wars or alien movies I one collection and not Wolverine collections, xmen collection, star wars or star wars stories collections and alien or prometheua collections as it is the case right now. Simply pick a movie and add it on an existing collection. Problem solved.
7: For TV episodes, I would like to have the option to see each episodes thumbnail in list view instead of the season’s poster. The poster’s place is in the seasons list, but inside a season with 13 episodes, thumbnails are a better option than the same poster all over again.
8: Finally some Metadata enhancements. 4K or UHD instead of 2160p or put 2160p in a parenthesis. Dolby Atmos is not displayed, instead I get a Dolby True HD mark. Framerate for example 24p. HDR info too. Your info as it is now in list view is great, but can be perfect.

That’s my 2 cents. In my experience, Infuse has a clean interface which can be cleaner though and smoother playback experience, even with 4K HDR Remux files of 80GB size than MrMC but it’s lacking some key customizations and library features. It’s like Android and iOS. Versatile and customizable vs smoother and cleaner. Hoping for the best in the future, keep up the good work!

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Just a suggestion, when you put more than one suggestion in your “Suggestions” post it makes it difficult for people to vote for a single specific change. You’ll also find that several of your suggestions are already running in the suggestions forum and you can help more by up voting the currently running ones.

One last note, Atmos is not currently supported by Infuse or the released iOS and tvOS so you won’t get any indicators most likely until it’s released.

You are correct, I already upvoted the other threads with suggestions as mine, some time after my post when I could check the thread thoroughly. I guess the indicators of Atmos have something to do with Apples rules, since the Atmos details is in the Metadata file but not on Infuse so of course we have to comply and wait.

Thanks for your time reading my post though :slight_smile: