Suggestions on how to control Infuse on Macs externally

Hey, i was watching a movie in the Mac with infuse and works really great, but, it was annoying when I had to pause or whatever, open the mac, wait, pause,etc.
Maybe like the apple tv and the remote function, you can implement the same in the app. Like an option to synchronise the iPhone (in the infuse app) with the infuse app (mac) and use it like a remote control.

keep the hard work… it worth it!! we love infuse

P.D: I forgot to say, I’m using a MacBook pro connected with my tv with HDMI.

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Im using a Logitech G903 Lightspeed mouse with several buttons which I can program for volume, zoom etc.


Along these lines - I’d love to be able to sync it up with my Infuse iOS app and just choose to play the content in my library on my Mac Mini, or my Apple TV, etc. Is this possible?

Like the chromecast do? It’s a good idea.
Or maybe in every movie you have an option like: “watch on”.

Involves spend money… pass :joy:

Hello, I also have my mac mini connected to the tv, with plex I used a logitech harmony remote control with usb on flirc mac, that is a good solution to implement it.

I mean implement the use of remote control

Love Infuse


What are the options to control Infuse on Macos apart from regular mouse/keyboard? Thinking full control in library/playback etc, in a set-top setting like Apple TV, but using a Mac Mini.

Any suggestions for remotes?