Suggestions needed about Audio Sync on ATV4k with Match Frame Rate

For quite some time I have been having an issue with my apple tv 4k and Match frame rate settings.

When the match frame rate is on some content has really annoying lip sync content. when match frame rate is off some content is stuttering when fast moving shots like panning around and fast moving shots.

Now for my setup I have a atv4k (gen 1) connected to a Denon AVR h3500x receiver which is connected via earc to a sony A80J tv. My media files is served via a Plex server which infuse runs direct stream from.

Now my question is this:
Does anyone have any good tips on how to get around or fix this problem?

having to turn match frame rate on and off all the time is driving me ,and worse, my wife crazy.

I have loved infuse and apple tv combo for many years but this is really bothering me :frowning:

I really hope someone can get me a good tip on how to get around this.

Thank you all in advance!


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