Suggestions for improving the Infuse mac interface

Here are some proposal for changes to the interface proposed in beta 4. The interface is broken down into 3 parts:

The second changes concern the lateral side bar :

And the latest changes concern the central or principal screen.
First, concerning the Homescreen :

Second, concerning the Film (or TV Show or Video) screen :

The “Unread Film” screen is like it for the only unread films…

Third, concerning the detailed screen of a film :

Finally there is no change for the “Genre” screen.

So I hope that all these changes in the interface will not be too complex to implement because Infuse is really good news for macOS (after iOS and tvOS) !
This is the application that Apple should have developed instead of the ugly and bad TV app !


HI Shop.vg110218

It is not by French speaking solidarity that I say that but your proposal is really Nice.
I love everything, I would just put the share button on right side… Just to be French and say something bad.

Great proposal and thanks for your time to propose it.

very good idea but I do not think that infuse does it even if, plex emby, squire proposes it (castings in photo, similar film, fanart not blurred), it will be more modern

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I support this.

Nice approach. And clearly a huge improvement.

If i find some time, i would like to take this up and work on it from a UX design perspective.

Looks good to me. Would love cast / director photos and ability to click on these to explore more

Some great suggestions here! :100:

Today’s beta 5 update adds new icons for the sidebar area. :raised_hands:

We’re also planning to add cast artwork in an upcoming version. :rocket:

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Hi James

Great news!
Can we home for an option for Movies covers.
Go from poster style to landscape Style

Thank you for your feedback

Hi James,
Another suggestion I’ve forgotten yesterday : the possibility to scroll horizontally with trackpad on each line in the home screen…


Hi James,
I installed beta 5 and I am happy to see that we are approaching the version of my dreams.
To help you out, I worked on some new screen mockups. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Screen 1 :

On the Home Screen, reorganization of the side menu to eliminate redundancies.
Added functions to the horizontal toolbar. The idea of the Find menu to resume in the toolbar the main functions is borrowed from iOS is not such a good idea on macOS, because there is the side menu (it’s redundant). Finally, it’s not a good idea.

Screen 2 :

On this screen (as on others of the same type), modification of the side menu and the tool bar as indicated.

Screen 3 :

On this screen, same remark as for the previous one. It’s just the list view mode …

Screen 4 :

On this screen, modification of the side menu and the toolbar (add share menu, playlist, …).
The central screen is broken down into 8 areas:

  • the title
  • technical and genre distribution
  • technical characteristics
  • The synopsys
  • Action buttons (trailer, read add playlist, mark as seen)
  • The orange reading progress bar
  • The cast of actors
  • Films with these actors

So much for my new suggestions. I hope that many of these will see the light of day in the final version, as I plan to use Infuse as the player on my Mac, as well as on my TV and iPhone.
Regarding the metadata contents, we can imagine retrieving them from the Plex server (in case of sync with Plex, that’s my case!), or synchronizing on internet TMDB …


PS : Some of these remarks could be used to evolve the app on tvOS … :innocent:


I support this theme ) I like it)

I just downloaded Beta 7. I see and measure all the progress …
I still have some suggestions for the interface:
1 / allow the horizontal scroll for the first row

2 / transform the sidebar to give it more consistency. There are currently several duplicates and we do not understand the difference between Home and Bibliothèque…

3 / enrich the toolbar as already shown :

I hope that these proposals will be partly accepted or that they will serve as inspiration …