Suggestions for Improving Infuse + Plex

As a longtime user of Plex Pass including DVR, I really like the ability of Infuse to play a wide variety of videos without issue, unlike Plex on TVOS.

I know that you only recently added Plex support to Infuse. But there are a number of issues, primarily related to UI and content synchronization that I would ask you to please address:

  • Add Live TV (i.e. display On Right Now channels as a list in Infuse)
  • Add DVR (ability to record from On Right Now, also show Starting Soon and New Episodes Tonight as Infuse list with ability to record)
  • Add ability to delete videos, limited to specific Plex library (e.g. delete in DVR library but no option to delete in Movies library or ‘stored' TV Shows libraries)
  • Add Plex user profile support
  • Add ability to favorite individual Plex libraries (similar to Plex for TVOS)
  • Support Plex "Plugins" (online content channels)
  • Ability for user to define landscape v portrait mode for thumbnails in an Other library (e.g home videos)
  • Ability to sort lists in Infuse Home (currently it is first ordered by when you created the list)
  • Fix delay in seeing newly added content (e.g. DVR recorded shows) including immediately showing recordings in progress
  • Fix delay in removing content that has been deleted from Plex server (currently displays error)
  • Fix jacket art / fan art that may not appear in Infuse even though is in Plex
  • Fix Recently added TV shows currently lists each season rather than stacking the show (note: this is a bug on Plex too).

Thank you!

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I would love love love Live TV and DVR built into Infuse. Even though Channels DVR is the bees knees, Infuse works so damn well and has a stunning interface which would make having everything in one app absolute perfection!

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Also: I run two PMS instances. Infuse shows content from both servers (a good thing because it is something Plex doesn’t do). This includes combining content in Watching. However, I only see TV shows in On Deck. I should see movies (PMS #1) and TV shows (PMS #2) in On Deck.

Also: I have multiple new Apple TV 4Ks that I am trying to set up identically. I have iCloud sync enabled and am only using Plex as media source. Based on this article, I would expect all media sources, favorites and lists in Infuse to be the same.

But, I have to reconfigure each Plex media server on each Apple TV. And none of my favorites and lists seem to be synched across Infuse clients.

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Thanks for the ideas!

Moving this to suggestions.

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Also: resume points isn’t working properly across multiple Apple TVs. If I pause on ATV #1, continue watching on ATV #2 and then pause, then go back to ATV#1, ATV#1 resumes from where ATV#1 paused. Not where ATV #2 paused.

Voting for including DVR and Live TV from Plex.

I vote for Live TV and plex user profile support

Re Live TV, it’s very cumbersome right now. Not just for morning news but particularly for sports (i.e. its football season).

You can only view DVR shows in Infuse after the recording ends + Infuse resyncs with the Plex Media Server.

So we use the Channels app to watch shows that are currently airing. However, apart from switching to Channels DVR, there is no way to start from the beginning of a show. So, either you wait to watch it in Infuse after the show/game is over. Or you watch it live in Channels, potentially missing the start.

As a new user to Infuse, I have found this application very refreshing and useful after having used the native Plex app for years. That said, I do miss the following basic features and hope they will be considered for a future release:

  • Playlist support
  • Shuffle support (as I often like to select my favorite TV series and simply shuffle episodes).

Playlists are already supported.

I’ve set up two smart playlists (unseen Movies and Shows) and they work really good Infuse

How did you create your playlists?