Suggestions for improvement on text input with the siri remote

Hi all

The only weak point I can find until now with Infuse is the painful process of entering text character by character with the SIri remote. Maybe it is inherited from APple TV mechanisms and cannot be changed, but in case, I see the following possible improvement :

  • Group characters on screen in a block of let’s say 3 short lines with space and backspace on a separate line just below the characters instead of one single long line so that users don’t have slide on the remote from far left to far right. This way, user will not have to keep sliding o the remote to reach far left and far right characters (and to me, having space at the extreme left and backspace at the extreme right of the line is a nonsense:) )

Or at least allow the cursor to move to far left position if it reaches far right and user slides to the right one more time, and same for the other direction (“circular” selection)

I must say entering text with this is really a painful experience.

Is there any possibility to use an external keyboard with Apple TV/Infuse ?

An external Bluetooth keyboard works great. I’ve been running one for a while now with the ATV and it works flawlessly. I hate having to use the remote to enter text on ANY app.

I’ll check the manufacturer and model that I have and post it to you later.

Thanks Nc Bullseye,

Seems like you are going to become my best friend around here if you solve all my issues like this :wink: :wink:

Glad to help out. I’m pretty tech challenged at times so I try to give back at least 10% of what I gain on the forum. I figure if the whole community chips in it means that the developers at Firecore have more time to bring us new goodies instead of having to answer questions over and over.

The keyboard I’ve had great luck with is an Anker Model A7726. It’s well made and real reasonable in cost. It worked first time with the ATV and sure beats trying to fat finger the ATV remote to enter movie and tv show names.

Cool, I’ll check this out.
Thanks for your help !