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Hey all,

This may be for current users who use Infuse as their main media center. I have around 7TB of media, hundreds of movies and thousands of TV episodes. I’m mainly talking about movies here, but here’s my issue with Infuse:

I go into Infuse knowing I have hundreds of movies, but the home screen seems so limited. I feel like with all the collections, genre categories, etc that I have displayed on my home screen - I’m only seeing the first 20 or so alphabetically in each genre. I love the picks of the day, but I would love to see other movies in random order.

How do you guys have your setup on the ATV so you can browse and find “old classics” or other movies that you haven’t seen but may not be new. I feel like I have tons of movies that are hidden and I don’t want to have to go through my entire movie library alphabetically just to find something to watch.


For me, if I want to watch something other than a recently added movie I’ll go to the Library and if I want an oldie goldie I’ll browse by year and look at the early decades. If I want Si Fi I’ll go to genres and select that.

If I don’t know what I want to watch I’ll go to the entire library and scroll till something catches my eye.

You can add any of the Library filters to the home screen as a favorite if you want to look though certain genres or decades more often that the others.

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Not that I’m a huge fan for the idea, but a “random” sort option would solve this use case

Here is my suggestion, on Home screen add a new “Recommendation” section, which picks up the movies based on your recent watch history, it could be as as simple as matching genre. So if you watched a Si Fi movie recently, Infuse will show you other Si Fi movies in the Recommendation section.

This isn’t a setup, it is new feature that you may want to see in Infuse.

If you have Plex as a database you can use Plex Meta Manager with the Trakt API.
Then if you connect Trakt with Plex or Infuse will get awesome recommendations and a updated list view on the Home Screen.

The Trakt recommendation system is the best in my opinion.

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