Suggestions: Bigger play/pause button, filters...


I installed Infuse 2 right after the price was upped :wink: Anyway: I love it so far but of course you can enhance all products, so here are my suggestions:


  • BIG play/pause button, a problem I always already had with the native iOS player that I accidentally touched instead forward/back

  • Filters (taken from Metadata as links) concerning: Year, actor, director - you’d click on such a link and only have those movies displayed which match this criteria

  • Download from Time Capsule to iPad instead of only streaming (perhaps it’s already there but I haven’t seen it…)


Keep up the good work!


Glad to hear you’re enjoying it so far. :slight_smile:

  • We’re adding a number of new gestures in the next version, one of which being a 2 finger tap to play/pause. No button tapping needed.

  • Filters to sort by different categories will likely make it into a version at some point down the road.

  • Downloading from other devices (like a Time Capsule) is actually included in the latest version. More info on downloading files can be found here.