Suggestion: Updating the 'maintenance' icon


Hi! I just installed aTV Flash (black) to v1.4 (Mac). So far, so great!

Suggestion: As I was exploring what was new in the various menus, have you considered displaying a handsome (and subtle) ‘fireCore’ logo for “maintenance”?  Right now, all you see is a simple graphic of two blue and gray gears.   Just sayin’ . . .    Keep up the good work!  --michael

Yes, it’s probably long overdue for an icon facelift. Actually, all the icons will need to be reworked for the 5.0 AppleTV software, so it’s probably a good time to change it up.

Stay tuned.


So dissappointed to see the gears on the @firecore tweet preview (A sneak peek at what’s right around the corner…



That is Apple’s icon - not FireCore’s


Uhm, row 2? (!/firecore/status/185446409338761216/photo/1/large)  --mr

The 5.0 Maintenance icon is in fact a set of gears, but it’s been totally reworked and fits quite nicely in the new UI.

Screenshot below.


I’d like a nice FireCore logo for the maintenance icon as well. The gears are OK, but i don’t think they blend in as nicely with Apples Settings icon.

Would it be possible to hide Apples Settings in Main Screen and replace it with the firecore Settings. Then it would be nice if it would be possible to launch the Apple Settings “App” from within the firecore Settings. Then it would be not cluttered. Just a suggestion.

The same goes for the Media items. It would be great to replace somehow the Apple Movies and TV Show Apps with “Favorites” from Media Player and then integrate the Apple Apps into the one from firecore. I think that the Media Player recognizes DRMed files. It shouldn’t be to hard to pass them to Apples internal Player. In this way someone (me for example) could still use iTunes on a PC/Mac for maintaining Movies, TV SHows, Music and mix bought iTunes-Videos with non iTunes-Videos. It would be more integrated, like it was on ATV 1 if you sync.

I hope you get the point. It would begreat to hear somthing from the firecore Team regarding that suggestion. 



Cant stand the cog’s/gears. Would much rather see the Firecore logo, think it looks great!

I think it looks good guys! Good work.