Suggestion: Select the first unwatched episode by default

I’m not sure if this has been requested before. Right now, when you select a TV series (or season if multiple seasons), it defaults to selecting the first episode in the list. What I’d like to suggest is that instead it selects by default the first UNWATCHED episode of that season. I’ve gotten used to this being the behavior when watching a show on Netflix. If you are watching a series, when you pick the show from your Watch List, it defaults to the next unwatched episode. This would make a lot of sense since it’d be natural for users to plan on picking up where they left off, and defaulting to the next episode in the queue would make this a little bit easier.

That is the behavior in the forthcoming 5.9.4 release.

Sweeeeet! /happydance

Well that was fast. Working now as desired/promised. ?