Suggestion: Recently Added TV Shows


I use RSS to get new episodes of TV Shows, which Infuse automatically picks up and adds to my Recently Added TV Shows.

Which is cool.

The problem is, sometimes I want to add an entire season of an old show, or…like a show where all the episodes are available on the same date…

What happens is, it will then only show the mega-episode show as recently added, and it will list it as a single entry on my recently added list.

Basically it’s giving you recently added episodes, rather than recently added shows.

Suggestion: It would be nice if it could group recently added episodes as a single entry, so that it doesn’t bugger up the other shows that were recently added.


Moving over to suggestions for now. Thanks!


+1 Recently Added TV Shows should count shows instead of episodes. If you add a complete show (with all episodes) you see very few show in Recently Added TV Shows

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So much this.

Yes please this, similar issues in other areas too, like unwatched containing an icon for every single season of each show… Count it as a show.


Yes that would be great group them together.


Still no love??

And over two years later, such a simple request, still no love?

The changes coming in 7.4 should help with this. Thanks.

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Today’s 7.4 update features expanded TV show lists.

Now, instead of being limited to 30 most recent episodes, you will be able to see the 30 most recent series…which can contain hundreds or thousands of episodes.


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