Suggestion: Recently Added TV Shows


I use RSS to get new episodes of TV Shows, which Infuse automatically picks up and adds to my Recently Added TV Shows.

Which is cool.

The problem is, sometimes I want to add an entire season of an old show, or…like a show where all the episodes are available on the same date…

What happens is, it will then only show the mega-episode show as recently added, and it will list it as a single entry on my recently added list.

Basically it’s giving you recently added episodes, rather than recently added shows.

Suggestion: It would be nice if it could group recently added episodes as a single entry, so that it doesn’t bugger up the other shows that were recently added.


Moving over to suggestions for now. Thanks!


+1 Recently Added TV Shows should count shows instead of episodes. If you add a complete show (with all episodes) you see very few show in Recently Added TV Shows

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So much this.

Yes please this, similar issues in other areas too, like unwatched containing an icon for every single season of each show… Count it as a show.


Yes that would be great group them together.


Still no love??