Suggestion: Infuse handling Netflix downloads

Now that Netflix let’s you download content it would be great if this content would show up in Infuse - my problem is that I often download from Netflix to my iPad but then forget about it as I mainly use Infuse to watch movies/series I have stored :wink:

Technically possible? Perhaps legal issues here?

I think your on track with it being a legal issue. In order to maintain the digital rights they have to control both the sending source as well as the playing source which is the Netflix iOS app. That’s why they require that you have the latest Netflix app in order to use that service. They can’t send it in a form that other apps can use since they’d not be able to control further distribution of that file. It may also be encrypted so that only the Netflix app can decode it.

Still I wonder if it would be technically feasible - the files are on my iPad, now you only have a) to access and b) play them :wink:

The format can’t be such a magic thing, it’s video files somehow…

PS: and legally Netflix controls it by either letting a file on your device or deleting it, depending if you change to which country, so there should be no issues

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