Suggestion how to improve the Infuse tvOS interface in a BIG way

I would like to suggest a solution that will reduce issues and simplify the User Interface in Infuse -make it silky smooth and even more user friendly:

Proposed solution:

  1. Open Infuse and see all videos you have as one big list (all tv shows and movies included as one list) - no need to chosse libraries/folders (for people who have everything in one place) - like in e.g. youtube
  2. “Recently added” and “Unwatched” as the top 2 rows on this one screen, but scrolled HORIZONTALLY - so you can start watching all your new stuff with 1 click, be it a tv show or movie
  3. Other rows sorted alphabetically by default (set in preferences) for easy searching - so you can find everything easily, while retaining easy access to recently added / unwatched ones via the top rows
  4. 'Search" function as e.g. a pull-down menu on this one screen (tap & slide down gesture on your apple remote) - to find stuff even faster

Why it’s great:

  1. You can have all videos listed alphabetically for easy searching, but can also very easily access the recently added (or unwatched) ones, on the horizontally-scrolled top line(s) - you don’t need to do 3-4 clicks via library/folders, etc.
  2. You simplify the interface - reduce friction and unnecessary choices
  3. You can play any video you have with 1 click
  • In most popular video apps (youtube, netflix, vimeo) you dont get libraries, intro screens, folders to choose from, etc. - you instantly see the list of video covers and play the

PS. Last but not least - use tvOS “Background app refresh” functionality, to speed up opening of infuse (e.g. now it takes ~10 seconds top open up my screen, scan for new files, as it refreshes only when opened) - please do it before opening the app - it is possible and at no cost in apple tv - it’s online and sititng there anyway

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