Suggestion: Easy Cover Art for Episodes (solution inside)!

The Suggestion:
A simple method to enable cover art for all files in a folder, primarily for folders containing episodes. This came out of the thread I started on adding cover art / meta data and other users contributed to, which is located here:

The Problem:
We all know Grid View is the bee’s knee’s, but adding cover art for every single episode isn’t a realistic solution for most users.

The Solution:
A similar trick to “folder.jpg” but for all files in a given folder. I’d suggest we add a “file.jpg”, and if this file is present in a folder then all files in that folder use this image as their cover art, with one additional change. Overlaid on the “file.jpg”, is a white square (black outline) in the bottom right corner, with it’s episode number inside the box.

Something like this;[[wysiwyg_imageupload:189:]]

I asked our graphic designer at work and this is what she recommended. Keep in mind I made that image so it’s quite rough. She mentioned a gradient for the white box which I attempted (poorly). Overlaying the number in the center of the cover art won’t look as nice when you have 20-30 files in a folder, and will detract from the look we’re going for. She also mentioned a page curl with the number under/over it, but that may be tricky from a programming perspective!

If this was implemented you could quickly and easily drop one “file.jpg” in each folder and be free from List View forever. It’s not that I don’t think List is great, it is, but the View page in Grid view is so much better then List view!

Special thanks to jeremyf.6009, info66, and Bev (our designer) for their help and suggestions!