Suggested improvements to playlists

I have just installed the latest Pro version on my iPad and downloaded 600+ family movie files from my PC using iTunes. These have been then categorised into about 50+ playlists. My home screen has the most recently watched files in a row followed by the playlists in another single row.

The ‘Show all’ feature for the playlists would be greatly improved if each playlist control was made much smaller in size and hence displayed in a table format in a similar way to the Files screen. The current version displays each playlist control using the full width of the iPad which is quite annoying when having to scroll through so many playlists. Can this be fixed?

Secondly, I gather that each thumbnail control associated with each such movie file is grabbed from the video at a specific point in time? Is it possible to then change this instead to the last viewed frame on the movie file once it is closed - perhaps as an optional feature? This would be a great help as well.