Suggest good and cheap synology

Hi all,
plz suggest best & cheap synology for infuse pro…

I am using Synology DS218j and its pretty good

is synology DS216play is gud?

The play versions are more powerful versions which support transcoding. If you don’t plan on using plex And transcoding for remote access then I wouldn’t bother with it.

you mean its gud for infuse pro too… its getting me on cheap rate therefore i want to buy

While that particular NAS may most likely work, the NAS is only a part of the overall system. Your router, wiring, WiFi quality, and TV all play a part in the big picture.

The only sure way is to try it.

I’d get the NAS you’re looking at since Synology seems to be a pretty good manufacturer and give it a go.

ok and what u say about My Cloud EX2 Ultra Network Attached Storage pictures attached

Again, it may or may not work for you with your other equipment and needs. There are probably users of Infuse that use the WD EX2 and had success while others may not be able to use it.

I’d suggest you go for the Synology you say you can get cheap and start there. It most likely will work for you just fine.

thanks for your guidance… going for synology… i dnt want to take risk…

one more question if i m playing 4k movie on network speed 100 mbps and on 300mbps… is there a picture quality difference in both speed or no difference… note 4k video (mkv format 80gb file) playing smoothly on 100mbps speed… plz explain

Internet speed doesn’t matter it’s the speed of your switch ports that matter. Most routers and switches have 1Gbps Ethernet. Quality won’t reduce on lower port speeds… you’ll just end up with stuttering or buffering which is why it’s not recommended to playback 4K downloads over wifi.