Suddenly seeing “Extras” folders (and their contents) in Library

Infuse Pro 7.3.4 (4009) for tvOS and iOS.

So I’m suddenly seeing the contents of “Extras” folders (stuff not yet indexed by TMDB … so not “Season 0” stuff) show up in my Library after my latest tvOS library purge and rebuild.

The Extras folders (and their contents) showing up when browsing by folder is nice … their contents showing up in the library is not — especially since they can’t be scraped, as TMDB hasn’t as robust an Extras database as the TheTVDB did, and they just wind up looking weird and dumped in ‘unsorted’.

Firecore documentation still says the contents of folders named “Extras” are supposed to be ignored. Why then am I now seeing them?

From my experience, Extras / Featurettes are ignored when there is only a single video (i.e. the main film) in the same folder as the Extras folder. If you have two or movies, then the contents of the Extras folder will be indexed.
I discovered this when trying to manage two cuts of the same movie. A theatrical release and the director’s cut. With one movie, everything is fine. With two, the Extras are now unwantingly picked up.

According to Firecore Support: Excluding Files and Folders, everything in a folder named “Extras” (or those following Plex’s extra naming schemes, or containing a ‘.nomedia’ file) should absolutely not be indexed.

I Have Extras folders in TV Series folders that don’t have a media files in the same level (as they are all in separate “Season #” folders) and the Extra folders display along side the season folders, and their contents are now being indexed … even with .nomedia files present as well.

The Extras folder in TV Shows always gets indexed. I need to keep them in a separate directory structure in anticipation that Infuse will support ignoring the folder (and perhaps even supporting the playing of Extras eventually).

I have never had much luck with the .nomedia file so gave up on that one years ago.

Guidance from Firecore is either incorrect or the software is not working as intended. Either way, the only solution I have found that works is using as Extra / Featurettes folder for movies with only a single video file present in the main folder. Others may have found more creative solutions.
The Plex/Emby/Jellyfin peeps may have a different experience, but I use Infuse direct streaming via NFS protocol to a Netgear ReadyNAS unit so cant speak for them.

This was only a recent development for me, though. Very odd.

content is being indexed in my extras folder as well, also .nomedia file does not work either. very frustrating… Using the latest Pro Version of Infuse

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Yep, the official guidance from Firecore is not correct.

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This is really a wild shot in the dark but what if you were to rename the theatrical cut to match the name of the directors cut ( without the periods and the same name and year format with parenthesis but with the differences after the year) like
“Cinema Paradiso (1988) Theatrical 1080p BluRay x265 E-AC3 5.1.mkv”
Having the name and year in a different format may be confusing what to tie the extras folder to. Again, this is just a SWAG. :wink:

Edit to add, this would also match the name to the folder with the parenthesis so maybe that may be coming into play.

Extras in my movies folders are (correctly) not being scraped (extras content doesn’t show up in “other”).

Contents of Extras folders in my TV series Folders ARE being scraped, even in the presence of .nomedia files.

Sorry for being curious but where is the extras folder located? In the Series directory or in the season directory? Do you have the seasons in their own folder/directory? I’m wondering if the extras folder has to be in the same directory as the actual video files, not in with other folders.

Series directory.

TV/Series/Extras/(extras content)
TV/Series/Season 1/(season folder.jpg, Episodes, episode-thumb.jpgs)
TV/Series/Season 2/(same as season 1)
TV/Series/(series folder.jpg)

You mean I’ll need an extras folder for each season? Bloody hell. :confused:

Really don’t know but maybe you could try it on one of the series you have with just a few seasons.


Maybe move your “Extras” folder into say season 1 and see if it disappears. I’d try that first just for fun.


Lol. Ok. I’ll give a try next time I descend into the file acquisition and management abyss.