Suddenly Can't Stream from HD Connected to Airport Extreme


I’ve used the following setup for several years without an issues:

  • Akitio hard drive enclosure with two WD hard drives connected via USB to my Airport Extreme Router
  • 4th Gen Apple TV connected via ethernet to my Airport Extreme router

After the last few updates, I’ve had sporadic issues connecting, and starting today, I haven’t been able to access any content on the hard drive at all. I keep getting a message saying “sorry Infuse encountered an error while trying to connect”.

I don’t have any issues accessing the content on the HD via my Macs, and I can access everything via the VLC app on the ATV. Nothing has changed with my Airport Extreme settings either.

Has something changed in the latest versions that would cause this issue?


I have no experience with your set up.
But sometimes stuff happens.
I would erase the shares in infuse, and try to set them up again.

Thanks, I’ve tried this, but it doesn’t work.