Sudden Problem streaming from Seedbox

Hello everyone, im in real need of some help. Ive been using infuse to connect to the plex server on my seedbox for the past year. Things have been working flawlessly and there has been no problem streaming files even 60GB in size. All of a sudden im experiencing connection troubles and nothing has changed my end (wifi/internet is all performing the same); and my seedbox provider is saying nothing is wrong on their end.

The problem is this. Video files will constantly stop playing and show a spinning wheel. When this happens there appears to be a large amount of buffer (solid grey line beyond the current playback point), and ive run speedtests when the problem happens and the wifi/internet appears to be working fine. The file will not resume once the problem has occurred without restarting playback.

Ive tried connecting to the box using FTP through infuse and i get the same problem.

The problem is happening with files of all sizes (although it happens more often with larger files). For larger files using plex it almost always happens around 10 mins into a film.

Im completely out my depth and Ive done all the basic troubleshooting i can think of. But as it stands i can no longer enjoy watching my film library. I guess what im wandering is based on everything ive said, does this sound like a local problem or a problem with my server? Can anyone think of how i can debug this further?

Have you tried any other players with the same set up?
Does the same file repeat the same error in the same (time) place each time?

I have tried using the plex app and i get the same problem. It doesn’t seem file specific and wont happen in the exact same place. I thinks its more of a connection problem but cant work out if my home network is the culprit or my seedbox is playing up.