Successful JB - SSH stopped working after upgrade

I successfully performed the JB on my new ATV2 and was able to SSH into it and perform the echo and apt-get for XMBC.   I then installed NITO TV with the same CLI.   After moving the device to the room I wanted it in I hooked it up and performed the upgrade all when prompted for the essentials update.   


Later that evening I bought ATV Flash and found that I could no longer SSH to the box.   I can still access and use the JB apps that are already on it and it has access to the network (Netflix, XMBC all work etc.) but I can not SSH to the IP.


Before I go into any real troubleshooting I wanted to hit the forum.   Any ideas?  Has this happened to anyone before?  I am hesitant to redo the JB in case I can’t get everything back to where I am now.  If I have to work with just what I have I might go buy a second ATV just to play with.


Thanks in advance for your help.