I have some struggles finding the right subtitles that is in sync with my movies and TV shows.
Sometimes I already have seen the first 20 minutes of the movie before I have the subtitle in sync :slight_smile:
When I search the subtitles for tv shows I get a large list from different seasons and episodes.
Is there someway I know witch subtitle is the correct one for that movie or TV show or do I just have to test them all.

Is it also possible to download the subtitles automatically when adding a movie or TV show?
Can I make the subtitle future working better or is it just the way it is?

Grtz Jack

Same here, for example when i look for a subtitle for a specific episode of homeland, i get a HUGE list with probably subtitles for every homeland episode and every team release of that episode, the order seems to be pretty much random and its impossible to find the right one. This dident happen on the ATV 2 Black infuse or on the ipad.