Hello. I am using infuse on my ios device and now on my new atv. Although on my ios devices is working fluently and I can see all my subs in srt, on atv it doesn’t show my srt subs and video is stuttering. I am the only one having those issues?

Hello everybody !

Because your subject is quite large “subtitles”, I can add that it’s a real pain in the ass to find a subtitle on for a tv show. Why Infuse doesn’t read the metadata of the show, and shows only the good .srt ?

No to hijack, but this seems to be the ‘subtitle’ thread. So…

I don’t know if Infuse is supposed to actually support VobSubs, but if it does, they are not displaying correctly. They do show up, but they display as a modled gray. Not white like I have set.

Any thoughts?

Increated this post because infuse doesn’t see at all my srt subtitles. I have download for all my movies subs, on ios infuse they show up just fine.