Subtitles yellow color hex/rgb code

Can I ask what is the hex/rgb code for subtitles yellow color?

Thank you

Can you help me?
Thank you!

I’m not in a position to do this myself to help you out right now but may I suggest taking a screenshot with the subtitles on screen and then using the colour picker tool in your prefered picture editing program?

It’s a bit complicated to do on an apple tv but hopefully the colour is the same in the iphone and ipad versions.

Hi, yes I know but there is one problem I don’t have iphone /ipad :smiley:

Do you by any chance have a Mac?

Noo but I found other the way…
I have VU+ sat tuner with hdmi in so I connected atv to hdmi in and I captured image using linux sat tuner.

So this color probably on 99% it is ffff00 :slight_smile:

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