Subtitles with diacritics are broken


First, thanks for this GREAT product!!! Everything works as advertised, I’ve managed to jailbreak/install aTV in ~15 minutes. It really worth the “investment” :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I have two problems:

  1. both in Media and XMBC show broken/messed-up subtitles with diacritics. My native language is Romanian which is full with ă, ș, ț, î, â, etc. Any of these characters don’t show up, so the subtitle “lks ike tht” :slight_smile: How can I fix hits?

  2. I’ve liked the AppleTV and my (Windows) iTunes to my Apple account. Still the AppleTV can’t my shares. I’ve tried to disable the firewall, same result… Any tips/advices? Maybe forward ports…I don’t know…?