Subtitles upgrade?

Hi James,

I see you’re planning subtitles upgrades for 5.8.4, it would be great to be able to lower them a lot more than at the moment.

This would be very usefull when using a projector to allow to move the subtibles into the bottom back bar when watching a 2.35:1 movie.

Thank you !

PS: I also posted this in the Suggestions forum (replying to my initial post), but it’s staying on page 4 so you’ll probably never see it…


Yes that wood be awesome!

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James ? :wink:

I can already do this. Not sure why you can’t?

It does not go low enough, max I can do is -2 and it’s still in the image, not in the black bar.

Hmm, strange, I have no problems moving subtitles (srt) down in the black bar.

Have you cropped the black bars out of your videos, so the actual video aspect is 2.35:1 and not 16:9?

Nope !

Ok, are these embedded subtitles, or those downloaded from within Infuse?

Infuse will be limited with certain subtile types, but when using text based (SRT, TXT, OpenSubtitles, etc…) you will be able to adjust and change them however you like.

These are bluray embedded subs, so PGS.

Ah, ok.

The options for modifying graphic based subs like PGS are a bit limited. If you were to download subs via Infuse from OpenSubtitles you will have more control over appearance and position.

Zappiti players do it :wink:

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