Subtitles transparent background

There’s any way to put a transparent background on subtitles?

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Discussion here.

Go to iphone settings-general-accessibility-subtitles&captioning then Create New Style and adjust transparency.

I did it but isn’t working on infuse ?

Infuse uses its own subtitle formatting, I don’t know why. But if you search the forums you’ll see that this issue has been mentioned a few times.
The lack of background can make the subtitles hard to read.

Thanks ??

Yes. It has do be done in the Apple TV Settings app

Settings App > General > Accessibility > Style

You’ll notice the three presets all have opaque backgrounds, so you have to create a new style.

Edit Style > New Style

I’ve spent way too much time fiddling with this because I can’t seem to find a setup that satisfies me. The one I have now is the closest I’ve come.

Font: Helvetica
Size: Large
Color: White (Yellow is also a good choice)

Color: Any Color
Opacity: 0%

Text Opacity: Opaque
Text Edge Style: Drop Shadow
Text Highlight: Any Color, Opacity 0%

Any ETA on this?

This is the current suggestion thread with the most views/momentum/attention about the subtitle background topic - Add background behind subtitles. Please use this discussion to put our suggestions about pretty much the same topic in the same place for easy reference.

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