Subtitles Too Bright: Custom Colors / Transparency / Desaturated Colors

Hi. I always use subtitles in my movies and the color options that are available are too bright. I’m also planning on changing to OLED and I think this will be a much bigger problem with more contrast.

Any of the above would be a solution for me and maybe others. Transparency appears to be the best, easiest option for all type of uses. Custom colors is a little too much, but it could solve it too. And the other one is to add some others presets with the same colors with less brightness. I don’t think many people use other than white or yellow, it could be a lot more useful to have different presets for those.


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I agree with you , also more bordered and better readability fonts must added !


I used Kodi a long time but I loved the UI integrated design with tvOS of Infuse.

I convert subtitles srt to VobSub with Subtitle Edit in two files idx/sub and run fine in Kodi but in Infuse not run.

Please, fix it


You can customize subtitles to your needs for all the apps: Use subtitles and captioning on Apple TV - Apple Support

This feature not applicable on infuse !

Yes it is applicable to all apps that shows subtitles, as long as you switch off “video overrides style” in any option you want to change

It didn’t have any affect at all on my videos subtitles in Infuse. I believe that it only affects the apps that use the Apple playback engine. I made sure to turn off the video overrides style option on all that I changed.

Ok then prove it ! take a screenshot

The Apple system subtitle styling has no effect in Infuse, it has its own settings in the menus accessible during playback.

What is possible right now is converting external subtitles to the .ass format (advanced sub station alpha) which provides plenty of options. The style is then included in the subtitle file itself and Infuse will show it as such. I also have an OLED tv and having grey subtitles with fat borders really is much better. SubtitleEdit can do batch conversions of .srt to .ass.

Yes, border size customization, please! Subtitles are hard to read.

Compare Apple’s native player subtitles on Netflix vs. Infuse subtitles. The fat black border makes it so much easier for reading. I think the decreased letter spacing on Apple’s native video player plays a big role, too.