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I have multilanguage subtitles in .sub/idx format. Infuse can see them, but wont display anythink. If I open the video and subtitles with IINA in my macbook pro, then I can select the language and get everythink working. Is there coming support for these subtitles also?


SUB/IDX pairs are not currently supported, but may be something we look at for a future update.

Moving to suggestions for now.

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You can easily convert your .sub files in srt using Subtitle Edit (free open source program ).

srt subtitles, besides being supported universally, are far more flexible. IMHO well worth the effort to convert them (or you can download the srt sub directly)

Not really OCR converting is not easy and and text is with many mistakes after convert.

Same here, hoping infuse 7 can add support for’.sup’ subtitles because most of my movies use ‘.sup’ subtitles to have better adaptations for simplified Chinese. ‘.sup’ can show words or even pictures at any place in the movie while other subtitles can only display at the bottom of the movie. this is useful to explain some shot without subtitle like this.

《Interstellar 2014》 2°16’40‘’

Samples are here
Mission impossible.sup

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I support this idea. I saw lots of topic about this feature request and some from 2016. It would be a nice addition because often the files come with .sub & .idx subtitles files.