Subtitles + stutter

there is a big stutter at the first appearance subtitle (PGS or SRT , 1080P or 4K ), the following subtitles will not have any problem, if we move back the video, the problem will not appear. to reproduce the problem again you have to restart the tv apple,

the problem has existed for months :frowning:

(apple tv 4k) any infused version, and any tvos version

(sorry for english)

same problem…

Yes! This must be the same problem I’m having. The video sometimes stutter at the exact moment a new segment of the subtitles is shown. Not every time, but sometimes. I have been investigating this with James/FireCore for a few weeks but they can’t reproduce it which makes it impossible to fix… it’s driving me nuts, I can’t enjoy anything I watch anymore.

The problem doesn’t seem to affect Blu-ray rips with embedded subtitles?

That’s interesting… I haven’t seen this issue with any other apps, but I’m not using MrMc. The problem definitely isn’t present on all the streaming apps, like Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and so on.

Are you still seeing this in the current 6.3.5 version?


Yes ,

I test on a small file of 3,5 gigas 1080p with srt FR (vivarium), translation of the panel around 8:40,
there is a car passing which allows to see the stuttering