Subtitles stop showing after a while

With every video file I watch with FireCore’s Media Player the subtitles stop showing after a few minutes. This happens regardless of whether it’s an MP4, an AVI or an MKV file. The only ‘solution’ is that I reselect the subtitle file every time this happens. They will display fine, then. But only for a couple of minutes again, alas. This is really frustrating. My (mostly Dutch) subtitles reside in SRT files, which are saved in UTF-8 format.

Has anybody come across this erratic behaviour? I would really appreciate a fix for it.

By the way, I’m running aTV Flash (black) 1.4 on a second generation Apple TV (with firmware 4.4.4).

me too now

Can you try updating to 1.5 (via Maintenance --> Manage Extras) to see if this cures your issue?

I’m on the latest version streaming via NFS and also have this issue although not every time. Sometimes subs just stop andafter a while all the missed subs show up very fast as if the time coding is incorrect. This happens with all kinds of media which i can confirm is not a sub issue. I also use Dutch subs in srt.

I have the same exact problem with danish subtitles -english subs work just fine. I think it started to happen with the update to the newest Media Player.

On Media Player 2.0.1-359,  my subtitles also stop showing after a while or just don’t show at all … This happens with downloaded subs as well as with subs in srt file located with the movie file …


very annoying, used to work perfectly but now it makes the media player very irritating 



I had the same problem, too.

It has been solved by changing the “Encoding” in the subtitles’ options from Universal to Western European for instance.

Maybe you can try this …

That might just do the trick. I have looked into that before, but haven’t actually gotten around to changing the settings yet. I will definitely go and try which one works best now. Thank you!

I can report the same issue. I’m running the latest version of everything and it happens with stored subtitle files as well with downloaded subs. They show for a few minutes and then disapear. You can get them back by either rebooting or removing and downloading the subs again, but then the same happens all over again. Changing the Encoding doesn’t fix the issue.

Same issue.

I’m running the latest version, too.

korean subtitles(encording option euc-kr).