Subtitles still doesn't work

I’m a very happy user of Infuse, I think you’re doing a great job!
The subtitles function haven’t worked for me for some time - are you doing something to make this work again?

Kind regards

Could you provide some detail as to exactly what isn’t working? Is it embedded subs, a specific type of external sub, subs are upside down and in a neon color,size, language, etc?

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Ahh yes it’s the built in subtitles from Opensubtitles that doesn’t work.
I get a message telling me there is no internet connection. But the app get updates and other apps works. So there is definitely a connection.

Unfortunately it appears OpenSubtitles is currently unavailable in Norway and Denmark, but a guide that describes a workaround for Apple TV can be found here.

Excellent! updated DNS on my aTV to (a really great DNS from Cloudflare and APNIC) - it works! And much faster than before
Thank you so much for your fast replies!