Subtitles (SRT, separate files) skipping lines

Another problem I’ve noticed with Media Player 0.7.0 is that when watching a video (AVI in this case) with SRT subtitles as separate files, sometimes every other line of the subtitling is skipped.

Which version of AppleTV software are you running? Your best option may be to update to the latest 4.3 software and re-install aTV Flash (black). This will allow you to install the new 0.8 version of Media Player which should resolve any .srt related issues you are seeing.

I didn’t realize there was a new aTVFlash (black) posted since the last version I installed (Beta 7). I’ll try updating it tonight.

Beta7 is the latest, but if you’re not seeing Media Player 0.8 in the Manage Extras menu that means you’re running a pretty old version of AppleTV.

I think I know what’s going on. I downloaded Beta 7, but forgot to install it after I downloaded it, so I’m still running the older beta. Oops!

Well the list in Manage Extras will depend on the AppleTV version - not the version of aTV Flash (black) you have installed.

IE you will get the same list in Beta7 compared to Beta4 - but if you are running AppleTV 4.1.1 compared to 4.3 some items will not be available.

Hmm, now I’m confused. When was the last version of AppleTV released? I thought I had 4.3. I’ll check when I get home this evening.

Well in your original post you said you’re running MP 0.7 - which was the last version available for the pre 4.2 AppleTV versions. If you’re not seeing the 0.8 update in Manage Extras you are on a pre 4.2 version.

The latest version of AppleTV software is 4.3 and was released on 8/1/11.

Full AppleTV version info can be found here: