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Maybe I am in the minority here but I often watch programs where I need the subtitles turned on for a bit and then off again, either because the accent of someone’s dialog is hard to understand (Scottish is one for example), or temporary noise level. Either way, it would be great if turning subs on and off could be quicker for eg. by long pressing one of the remote’s buttons during playback or even voice controls, although the latter I believe is reserved for Apple system wide.


I moved your post to the suggestions area. Seems like a good idea to me. :wink:

Siri controls for subtitles could be implemented, but it is up to infuse to support it. I think this would be the best approach. There are other Siri commands they can add support too.

I don’t use subtitles much, but when I do use them it is usually just for a small time and I want to quickly turn them on and then back off again. It seems that toggling them always results in the playback to pause for a second or so then it resumes with subtitles on/off. Also the playback has moved back slightly. Would like to see this happen seamlessly. Just turn on/off with no interruption to audio/video.

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Good point, I have this too. I don’t get this glitch when I toggle Netflix subs on and off. I wish we could customize a shortcut for toggling them without having to pull down the entire menu screen.

The “Hey Siri, what did they say?” feature where Siri turns on the subtitles and goes back 10 seconds so you could see what you missed and then leave the subs on.


Today’s 7.2 release adds quick access to audio and subtitle tracks on iOS.

Simply tap the gear icon during playback to open the quick menu where you can view and select from the available tracks.

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