Subtitles questions

Hi, I’m new to Infuse but bought a year’s subscription–I’m impressed by how it handles files that were giving Plex fits.

I like the ability to edit subtitles so extensively, especially the offset feature. Is there a reason why we can’t alter the subtitles that come with the movie? The external subs are almost always out of sync and it’s about five minutes of fiddling to get it right, which can be tricky if the movie is in a language you don’t speak. The subs that came with the disk I rip are in sync, but on a 65" TV they take up too much real estate.

Am I doing something wrong, or do I need to keep tweaking each movie one by one? TIA

I’m still struggling to get the subs from OpenSubtitles in sync. They are all over the place. Some are behind, some ahead, some work fine. I don’t watch movies anymore, I fiddle with subtitle syncing, and it’s getting old. Again, is there a reason why we can’t alter the size and placement of the subs that came with the movie? Am I the only one having this problem? TIA

Some embedded subtitles have hardcoded styling features, and these aren’t something Infuse can override.

With that said, are you able to provide a picture of how large these subtitles are? It’s possible you may have found a subtitle variation which needs a bit of tweaking in Infuse, which we’ve need to do in the past, for a number of DVD subtitles in particular.

Hi James, here’s a couple of photos. IMG_3361 shows the subs that came on the blu-ray–they’re not enormous, I’d just prefer they looked like IMG_3362, which are the external subs tweaked for size, placement and sync.

The snycing is the most annoying thing about using the OpenSubtitles. It can take forever, and sometimes I about lose my mind trying to figure out if they’re ahead or late. Sometimes they need to be shifted as much as 90 seconds.

Ok, those subs look like they’re the normal size, but I can see how some may want them appear a bit smaller.

Unfortunately resizing these subs is not possible at this time. Sorry.

Thanks. What about the syncing of the external subs? That’s by far the biggest headache.

If they are out of sync means that subtitle file is not meant for the release you are watching, ie you have a Blu-ray rip and the file is for HDTV.
Try to find a matching one, not just download the first one.

Alternatively you may try do download them manually, maybe using a different site like Subscene where the quality of sub available is higher then Opensubtile