Subtitles position tag support?

Hi and thanks for your amazing work :slight_smile:

But one thing really annoys me with the use of Infuse… When I watch something difficult to understand, I find very handy the menu to search for subtitles from But sometimes the subtitles file (.srt or .ass) have some tags which normally correctly positions the text on the screen… But Infuse display it literaly… So it look like {\pos(190,240)} at the start of each dialog… Will you support these kind of tag in the future? Or even simply ignore them? Because their display are really boring…

Thanks for the info, we’ll definitely look into this.

Any chance you can provide a movie name, or the subtitle file from OpenSubtitles where can see an example?


Of course, a straightforward example can be found here : 


If you look at dialog 27, there is a positioning tag :
00:01:27,197 --> 00:01:31,068
{\pos(192,210)}Tu m'as dit qu'un héros doit faire
des sacrifices pour sauver le monde !
The tag {\pos(192,210)] is interpreted (or ignored, not displayed) depending of the video-player you use to position the text at the top of your screen, so the text in the movie is still readable...
For what I know, it's not well supported because these tags come from the 'ASS' file type... So they are not officially in the 'SRT' description and normally these tags shouldn't be there.
But in the facts, I see more and more often 'SRT' files with the word TAG in their names. This keyword only concern these tags because their displayed is really annoying and as they are not well supported, you better be warn...
When you open an archive of subtitles in french for breaking bad season 4, for example,
you will have several 'SRT' or 'ASS' for the same episode, some with tags and some without (the keyword is then NO.TAG). 

Whatever, in Firecore Infuse, TAG is not supported regardless the filetype ('ASS' or 'SRT') and I don't know if you will decide to implement this feature? In one or both subtitle file type? But their displayed is really a double trouble because the text of the movie is hide by the subtitles but the subtitles are hard to read!! You don't expect to see this kind of gibberish when you watch a movie... In my opinion, you will find them more and more often because they strongly enhances the watching experience  when they are supported... 

I hope that you will implement this feature but if you don't, at least choose to not displayed them please! I also hope that my explanation was clear enough because english is not my natural language.