Subtitles out of sync on Apple TV 4K with HEVC files

Hi !

I’m new to the Apple TV and infuse and I’m impressed with your work, everything went well until I played some hevc files with embedded subtitles (English and French) and both are way out of sync. I’ve tried with VLC on the Apple TV and no problems with subtitles syncing.
Would there be any solutions, appart from choosing another format as I’ve seen hevc and subtitles can be tricky.

I’ve now tried with ds video (I haven’t said that the files are on à Synology nas) and I have the same issue, and on iOS too.
So far the only app able to read the hevc files with subtitles synced normally is VLC.

Thanks for the work and your future help, have a nice day !

It might help to know more details about the files. Can you post a media info report of one of the problem files?