Subtitles out of sync on Airplay when movie is on the middle

If I play a movie via Airplay where I started and not finished, the subtitles always are out of sync.
If I hit the “seen” button (to get to the start again if I play it), everything is back in sync again.

Does this affect all files or just a few?

Is the same issue present if you don’t use AirPlay?

Unfortunately, all files. But it only happens through Airplay.

Are you using variable playback speed?

Would you mind sending in a report (and posting the 5 digit code here)?

Also, would you be able to upload a sample video/subtitle pair you are having trouble with?

Sorry for the late response. I attached some extra details to the diagnostics email.

iOS: 14.6
Model: iPhone XR
Airplaying from iPhone OneDrive cloud sync to Samsung Q6 Series

Diagnostics code: VDH50

Here is a link for one of my titles:

If you really need that I send it over Dropbox, please let me know.

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