Subtitles out of sync and frozen.



I've been having an issue with infuse on my iPad 4th gen and iPhone 5 streaming from a windows PC to an Apple TV. All of them are running the latest iOS.


The issue is subtitles are always ~0,7 seconds late which is not a big deal because the app can resend them.


the bigger issue is sometimes the subtitles freezes in a frame, and comes back at about 5 or 10 seconds.


I experienced this situation with both predownloaded subtitles and ones downloaded through infuse itself.


anyone with the same issue?



I'm streaming from my nas and also having freezes and à little bit out of sync

Same here using infuse 3 ;( subtitles needs more work …

Im using Synology nas (samba folder) with iPhone 5s with airplay to atv 3

Have you tried reinstalling infuse and atv
Did the trick for me

Reinstall atv ?!? How-to ?!?

Is this happening with all videos, or just a few?

Are these embedded subtitles, or external subtitle files?

It’s happens to me also, stil the same problem as before
Error about 7 min before end

Hi james, first try with mkv with external str file …

Today i will try with:

  • mkv with soft
  • m4v with soft

Im getting this issue too: