Subtitles out of sync after seeking

I have another problem which is making me very annoyed at the app. When I use the touch features to scroll through the video skipping the boring parts with subtitles the subtitles go out of sync, it never used to do that before. You need to have a smart in since subtitle thing. Also please make sure for subtitle time offset try and make it so when you click it it goes back to the video and opens a floating menu in a part of the screen to see if you have the right offset and adjust it on the fly. Also please make a feature to automatically add the most downloaded subtitle file for all of your available files.

Hmm, do the subtitles stay out of sync if you watch for a bit, or do they eventually sync up correctly?

Were these subtitles downloaded from within Infuse?

If you continually scrub the screen forward they continue getting more out of dunce. This was one tap subtitles download from opensubtitlesz

Hi guys.

I bought the app today. I was curious and thought the auto download of subtitles would help me get always the right version, as I had a huge sync problem with one movie+subtitles with VLC.

My first impression? Mitigated…
I used the .srt file I already had, but the text was out of sync. (Same as for VLC).
I then downloaded another file for the movie, but this didn’t make any difference.
I tried to download another file (third one), but when trying to do so, I got a white square instead of the connexion to after clicking on “more”. (It was only once I connected the iPad to my computer and deleted the initial .srt file in iTunes that I was able download another subtitle file.)
I then tried to sync them manually, and noticed two quite annoying things:

  • 1: In the delaying window, when moving the dot to the left or right, there was no indication of how many seconds + or - I was delaying the subtitles… I had to leave and go back several times to this window to adjust the delaying time to the value I needed. The delaying time only shows in the subtitles window. This should really be solved as it’s really annoying.
  • 2: The delay is 10 seconds max, which was not enough for the movie I was watching. (VLC has 15 seconds if I’m not mistaken).

I also noticed that the more the movie went on, the more the subs were out of sync. (From 12 secs at the start it went up to 16 seconds a bit later in the movie…)

As suggested by other users, a nice feature would be to modify the subtitles offset while the video is being played: otherwise it’s very annoying going in and out of the menu to get the subtitle offset correctly synced.

And another problem, The subtitles are always on later than they should be and they do not update with open subtitles very often

OK, I tried several .srt files and finally found one which was ok till the end of the movie.
As a new user, I noticed another small issue regarding subtitles which you could improve. While watching a movie, I sometimes tap the screen to see the remaining time. While doing so, not only the upper bar with the remaining time appears, but also the lower bar with the play/pause etc. commands. The latter then cover the subtitles. (I’m always watching movies with EN subtitles, as I’m not native speaker). This is a bit annoying… Maybe you could look into this.

Ah: another question: where are the downloaded .srt files saved? I don’t see them in the Infuse App folder in iTunes. Are they deleted automatically when I delete the movie?